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  • The Pledge

    It is only when good people stand in the way that injustice is stopped.
    We know it is a terrible idea to put loaded guns in the hands of our nation's educators.
    We think that the catalyst for change is millions of educators pledging to not take guns into their classrooms.
    We invite parents and students to encourage educators to take the pledge! ​
    Join the resistance and take the pledge. ​


    Violence, of any kind, in our schools, deserves all of our attention. Too often though, efforts to respond to mass tragedy end up harming the very people and communities we claim to want to protect.


    In the wake of the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School, the President, Betsy Devos and the National Rifle Association have proposed giving firearms to teachers. This half-baked idea only stands to harden our schools and further militarize one of the few places where young people should expect to be free from harm.


    The fact is, too many of our schools have been transformed into buildings that feel like prisons and hazard zones in the name of safety.


    We will not stand for it!


    As an EDUCATOR:

    I will not bring a gun into my school or classroom. I also pledge to work in my state against any legislative or district initiative to put loaded guns in the hands of school teachers or staff. We have witnessed trained officers steal the lives of innocent people of color in a moment of fear or uncertainty. Firearms have no place in my school.


    As a PARENT:

    I will not send my child into a classroom where teachers have loaded guns. I expect my child’s school to be a place where s/he thrives and feels safe. I will not put my child’s life at risk by sending him/her to a classroom made less safe by the presence of firearms. I will work in my district and state against any legislative or district initiative to arm school staff.That will put my child’s at risk. I expect to be places where children thrive and feel safe. Guns in classrooms are not the answer.


    As a STUDENT:

    I will not walk into a classroom where teachers have guns. Guns do not keep us safe, especially black and brown youth. I will speak out in my district or state legislature, should any initiative to arm teachers be proposed.


    We want #BooksNotGuns.

  • Take Action

    March. Rally. Walk Out.

    Friday, April 20th


    AROS endorses actions that will happen on April 20th and invite concerned people everywhere to take to the streets to protest and demand change.


    Join with others in your city as we walk out, rally, protest, sit in...

    It matters less what you do and more that you do something!